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 Ethicists or scientists?

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maryam a

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Ethicists or scientists? Empty
PostSubject: Ethicists or scientists?   Ethicists or scientists? EmptyMon Feb 19, 2007 9:58 pm

Hello Everyone

Good evening to you all from an environment-conscious; bird-flu aware London. I am very enthused by your comments and remarks about world hunger and agriculture development.

I have been thinking about Manfred and Bala's comments (see above

From my perspective as someon who started off my graduate studies in life sciences, then applying biomolecular technology, then food chemistry and flavour.... finally to EU GMO regulations, my current perspective is as follows:

For those who believe that scientists may not necessarily have all the answers; I salute you.

For those who believe that scientists are in a conspiracy to dictate to the farmers; I am in dialogue with you

One essential part of this dialogue is recognising that scientists are not trained (at least not in the UK) in thinking about the socio-ethical consequences of their innovations.

Here in Britain, there is a great debate in communicating science circles about the value of public consultation and public participation - that is having a 'PUBLIC DIALOGUE'

I have spent the last 4 years researching this area from a legal perspective.

Currently, GM food laws in Europe are inadequate at being precautionary. One of my interviewees, an agriculture and farming expert, has asked that farmers be treated with a 'protectionary' principle in mind

My overall view is this issue is like the cowboy's lariat. We can tighten the rope or set it free; as long as there is flexibility and dialogue with all concerned; and not necessarily a dialogue that uses experts as just moderators at all times

With great respect,

Warm regards
Maryam Alami
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Ethicists or scientists?
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